John Currin’s shrill, elongated harpies are another background presence. Touched too, though in a different way from Freud, with Old Master allusions – notable in Sara le Roy’s ‘Sandra’.
–  Jackie Wullschlager, Financial Times, 5 September 2009

Sara Le Roy is a Dutch artist based in Brighton, her work focuses on storytelling, folklore and mortality. Her ‘3D Tales’ solo exhibition, the very first paintings in 3D where the red/blue glasses need to be worn to see the effect received extensive press coverage including the Evening Standard newspaper and London Live TV.

If Hans Christian Anderson and the Grimms brothers had all met up and taken psychedelics and then had a really, really bad trip this might have been what it looked like. Sara Le Roy creates nightmarishly dark paintings inspired by fairy tales and drags them into the sordid and seedy modern day underworld. We are presented with down and out characters that ironically, had they been created in our modern day, would probably have met the end that Le Roy depicts.
– Suzie Silk